Dolceria Alba - Tiramisu Quadrotto-辣西西里(北京)国际贸易有限公司
Origin: Italy
Packaging: 42g x 9 portions/box
Shelf Life: 18 months
Storage: Store in a freezer at -18°C.
Consumption: Remove from the freezer and
place in the fridge around 4 hours before serving.
Do not refreeze. Keep in the fridge, and eat within 2 days of defrosting.
Delicious semifreddo of mascarpone and zabaglione on a bed of soft sponge
cake drenched in coffee.



Product information:

Mouth-watering dark chocolate semifreddo on a bed of cocoa meringue and decorated with dark chocolate. The product is suitable for both food service and retail channel.

Opened in 2006, the dessert factory was conceived and built using state-of-the-art production and chilling technology designed to guarantee total food safety while remaining faithful to authentic traditional flavours. Each step in the production is monitored and controlled through supplier selection and qualification, purchasing specifications, incoming raw material checks, and ongoing staff training and development.
Dolceria Alba has chosen to adhere to BRC e IFS certification standards: a further guarantee for every customer of the quality of its products.

Dolceria Alba - Tiramisu Quadrotto