Polselli – Pasta Flour-辣西西里(北京)国际贸易有限公司
Packaging: 1kg x 10 pcs/crt
Origin: Italy
Shelf life: 12 months

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from the sunbeams.



Product information:

The characteristics and low mineral salt content of this flour make it perfect for both hand baking and for mixers and extruders. It is ideal for making fresh pasta, filled pasta and gnocchi.

Run for almost a century by the entrepreneurial experience of a family that today has reached the third generation, always focused on quality, POLSELLI is a protagonist in the milling industry in Italy and a leader in the production of flour for bread, pizza and desserts.
The values underlying the Polselli family’s passion for wheat are quality, transparency and reliability. They have a successful business model based on constant assessment of consumer requirements, carefully selected raw materials and the constant challenges presented by innovation and environmental protection.

Polselli – Pasta Flour