La Sicilia – Smoked Scamorza-辣西西里(北京)国际贸易有限公司
Packaging: 200g x24 pcs/crt
Origin: Italy
Shelf life: 12 months

The product should be kept frozen at -18°C.
Once thawed should not be refrozen, but kept in the refrigerator at +4°C and consumed within 3 days.


Product information:

Spun cheese with a delicate and light flavour, made with care and dedication. From the mountains to the valleys only the best milk is chosen, then it’s matched together with the highest quality ingredients to create simple natural fresh cheese. Perfect on pizza and bruschetta or eaten by its own, it can be stirred in pasta dishes. The product is suitable for both food service and retail channel.

La Sicilia Mozzarella factory is situated in the Italian province of Naples and it is specialized in the production of cheese since more than 200 years. The factory counts on the experience of five generations and 100% fresh milk to offer high quality products to its customers. Despite the factory’s big output the main focus is on the respect of traditions. In order to guarantee a high quality standard, the products undergo many quality standard tests during every production phase.
During all these years the factory has been specializing in the production of every kind of stretched-curd cheese, exporting them all around the world.

La Sicilia – Smoked Scamorza