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Italian Espresso Experience!




Coffee has a long history in Italy. In Italy coffee isn’t just a hot beverage, it’s a religion, a way of life,

it’s an important part of the Italian culture and it’s a cultural testimonial of Italy in the world.







Espresso is not a particular coffee bean or type of roast. It is made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through

finely ground compacted coffee. Tamping down the coffee promotes the water’s even penetration through the grounds.

This process produces an almost syrupy beverage by extracting both solid and dissolved components.







A nice cup of espresso is the best way to feel the original flavor of the coffee,

with its acidity and sweetness that comes when the acid fades and its smooth taste it’s something that will

conquer you in a sip; just a sip of it will quickly overwhelm you by its rich taste and aroma, which is the difference between

Italian coffee and other coffees. And the crema, which is produced by emulsifying the oils

in the ground coffee into a colloid, is the best part of the espresso coffee.


Usually Italians drink coffee standing in front of the bar counter during breakfast time; espresso means express,

quick, because the espresso is made in not more than 30 seconds, it is served in a small porcelain cup and it can be drunk in a sip.

It’s a fast way to enjoy not only breakfast but a break or after lunch and dinner too.






Espresso is not just something that can be drunk outside of home; you can find at least one moka pot in every Italian house.

In recent years, the increased availability of convenient counter-top fully automatic home espresso makers and pod-based espresso makes

the espresso experience even quicker and it let you feel like you are in a café.






A nice espresso is the best way to start the day and to feel a real Italian experience.